What curriclum is included in an AME educational experience?

  • Science, math, social studies, and vocabulary are built into each learning activity.  Activities are adjusted to match K-6 learning. 
  • Arizona state history and state symbols.
  • Interactive activities accompany each Learning Module.

Which grade levels are the focus of the AME curriculum?

  • Currently AME's curriculum targets elementary schools and grade levels K-6.
  • Middle school curriculum is currently in development.

How much does a mobile educational experience cost?

  • Pricing starts at $9 per student . 
  • Each Learning Modules is priced on the Learning Modules page. 
  • Pricing based on 75 students participating.
  • Please contact us for educational experiences with fewer than 75 students.

How long does a typical AME educational experience last?

A typical educational experience lasts approximately 2 hours.

What choices do teachers have regarding the curriculum?

  • Every educational experience includes the AME interactive bus and topics specific to Arizona.
  • You customize your program by choosing one additional learning activity from the Learning Modules page.

Can we choose different Learning Modules for one experience?

Yes.  If your school chooses two grade levels to participate in an AME experience, you can select a separate learning module for each grade. 

When does the AME bus operate?

  • The AME bus is available for educational experiences every school day August - May during normal school hours.
  • For bookings after normal school hours or during school breaks, please contact us.

Does your curriculum meet academic standards set by the Arizona State Board of Education?

  • Yes.  Please see the Educational Standards page - COMING SOON!

Who can request an AME educational experience?

  • All elementary schools (public, private, charter, etc.).
  • School break and after hours programs including community centers, summer camps, kids clubs, etc. for ages 5-12.

How far in advance do I need to reserve an AME educational experience?

  • Please schedule your educational experience as far in advance as possible.
  • Scheduling early will increase your chances of securing your preferred date.
  • Although not required, we request a minimum of one week advanced notice.

How do I contact Arizona Mobile Education?