Past Events


School                                                                      Grade                                         

Quartz Hill Elementary                                 1st Grade          

Quartz Hill Elementary                                 4th Grade            

Carol Rae Ranch Elementary                     4th Grade            

Patterson Elementary                                    4th Grade            

Stevenson Elementary                                   5th Grade            

North Ranch Elementary                             1st Grade            

Spectrum Elementary                                    4th Grade            

Highland Arts Elementary                           4th Grade            

Kyrene de las Manitas                                    5th Grade            

Cortina Elementary                                         6th Grade            

Playa del Rey Elementary                            4th Grade           

American Leadership Academy               6th Grade            

Basha Elementary                                            3rd Grade

Hancock Elementary                                      3rd Grade

Frye Elementary                                                3rd Grade

Patterson Elementary                                    4th Grade 

Pinnacle Peak Elementary                           4th Grade        

Humphrey Elementary                                  3/4/5

Noah Webster School-Pima                       5/6

Patterson Elementary                                    3rd Grade 

Sandpiper Elementary                                   3rd Grade 

Fireside Elementary                                        3rd Grade 

Western Peaks                                                   3rd Grade 

Riggs Elementary                                              3rd Grade 

Wildfire Elementary                                        3rd Grade 

Noah Webster School-Pima                       3rd Grade 

Free Teacher Previews


AME offers FREE teacher previews to all schools interested in an AME event.  

PAST Community Events

Chandler Science Spectacular


Annual Science Saturday

Feb. 9, 2019 & Feb. 17, 2018

AME  presented with an award in the First Annual Chandler Science Project Competition.

Farm Science Day


USDA Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center - Maricopa, AZ

Feb. 24, 2018

Mesa Public Schools SciTech Expo


Mesa, AZ

March 3, 2018

Mining Day at the Capitol


Annual Mining Day at the Capitol 

March 6, 2019 & March 15, 2018

Sponsored by Arizona Mining Association 

Free Teacher Previews


AME offers FREE teacher previews to all schools interested in an AME event.

The Big Dig


American Cancer Society's Big Dig.

November 3, 2018